Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grandma Rides Into Town...

Friday night Grandma Sherri pulled into town to see her new grand-baby. I'll admit it was nice to hand Mac off for a little bit. Grandma whipped up some sloppy joes for dinner so, we sat at the table and had a nice chat, until somebody got cranky and started crying. No, it wasn't me crying. We took a lot of pictures and had a nice visit. I think my Mom took a small amount of pleasure getting up in the middle of the night to help, the pleasure comes from going home and knowing she can sleep in peace tonight.


Grandma couldn't stop smiling. By the way that doll she is holding is unnaturally soft.

Another big intro this weekend was with our dogs. They have been over at my Dad and Char's house since Monday. We weren't too worried about Shadow, he has shown to be a great dog with little kids but, we were worried about Daisy, she is the little princess of the house and had some bad experiences with kids. Since she is only five pounds little kids tend to grab big handfuls of hair and try to pick her up. Daisy proved us wrong. She loves the new


Well, I'm typing with Mac sleeping on my chest and feeling her warm soft breath is making me sleepy. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post the text message thread that I sent out during Camille's labor.

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