Saturday, May 29, 2010

Try draggin' her away.

So, last Saturday we took Mac to the nostalgia drags at Eagle Field. What a great event! Eagle Field is a WWII Air Corps training base in Dos Palos, Ca. For last Saturday they turned the old runway into a heads up drag strip, good times. Here are a couple of shots of Mac enjoying the event.

Friday, May 21, 2010

All is Clear on Mackenzies Front

So after a long week of, screaming, baby Mac is back to normal. I ended up taking the week off to help. I don't know how much help I was but, I tried. On Wednesday we went back to Stanford for the post op check. Doc says everything looks good and we agree. The glue is starting to wear off so we are getting a better idea as to what her scar will look like. Her lip is red and she will have her snot rocket launchers (stints) for another three to four weeks. The best part is her smile, we were worried that her smile wouldn't be as great but it is. I know your thinking but her lip was a mess how could we miss that? Well, when your kid finger paints on the wall with poo a small part of you is proud that they drew a recognizable picture, in other words, everything about our kid is great even some of the bad stuff. To the pictures. By the way she looks like a Hoo from Whoville, it's awesome.



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Before and After

Four days after surgery and Mac is doing well. She has had some pain but not too bad. The biggest down side is she has reverted to infancy, she wants to be held constantly. I have nothing witty to input here, we are all tired and ready to get back to our routine. Here are some pics.

The after pic you can see she has stints in her nose to help shape it during healing. Also, you can see the glue they used to hold everything together. This is slowly dissolving away.

Mackenzie 052


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cloudy sky but the sun is shining.

We walked into the nicu this morning to a smiling face. Mac is getting back to normal already. The nurses have enjoyed having her here. They said she has been smiling and cooing all morning. So far we are on track for a 11am discharge. When we get home I'll take pics with the camera (somebody brought it with dead batteries) and post them up.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The drunk monkey

Still sleeping. She looks like a giant compared to the premee's here in the nicu. By the way, Mac is in the nicu because the surgical recovery rooms are full. She doesn't have any complications and we expect to go home in the morning.

Momma and baby...

Doing great!

wow man why is everything in slow motion?

We are here with Mac in the nicu. She is on morphine so feeling no pain. Her surgery went great and she looks great. So far she has already gulped down lots of moms milk. The nurses here are shocked, they aren't used to giant babies and their appetites. Momma is rocking baby right now looking pleased. So I'll shut up and give you what you want , pics.

Pic test

Here is a pic of Mac pre surgery.

we are in stitches

So I missed the month of April. As I write this Mac is in surgery. We decided to have the procedures done at Stanford. We feel much more confident with the team that is working on Mac. Her plastic surgeons name is Dr. Kahn. He definitely gave us a sense of confidence. Another thing about Stanford, they really respect our time. When we have an appointment we se the dr. at the appointed time not two hours late.

Well, I'll post more tonight after everything calls down.

Imagine a pic of mac here. I haven't been able to upload pics from my phone to this site.

She was all goofy smiles and giggles this morning. Way to make us feel like A-holes kid.