Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Birthday Party

Well, I used to make fun of my friends who put on 1st birthday parties. I mean really, does the little kid know? No, as I found out, they don't nor do they care. Oh but I have figured out why it's done. The first birthday serves two purposes; one to celebrate your and the child's survival of the first year of life, sometimes a dicey thing, and two to see and hang out with adults. Living rural as we do and having an infant can be a little solitary. You begin to feel that babbling is an appropriate response in a conversation and sitting on the floor is normal for a grown up (little hint, it's not thats why it hurts to get up).

The Smash Cake

This look says 'are you serious, it's all mine?'

So for my 40th I want to eat cake the same way!

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  1. If you do eat cake that way, you have to share the pics! ;) I love the pics - you can totally see her personality in every single one!! So cute!! Happy birthday Mac!! (I can't believe she's already one!)