Friday, May 21, 2010

All is Clear on Mackenzies Front

So after a long week of, screaming, baby Mac is back to normal. I ended up taking the week off to help. I don't know how much help I was but, I tried. On Wednesday we went back to Stanford for the post op check. Doc says everything looks good and we agree. The glue is starting to wear off so we are getting a better idea as to what her scar will look like. Her lip is red and she will have her snot rocket launchers (stints) for another three to four weeks. The best part is her smile, we were worried that her smile wouldn't be as great but it is. I know your thinking but her lip was a mess how could we miss that? Well, when your kid finger paints on the wall with poo a small part of you is proud that they drew a recognizable picture, in other words, everything about our kid is great even some of the bad stuff. To the pictures. By the way she looks like a Hoo from Whoville, it's awesome.




  1. Totally a Hoo from Whoville!! Love it!! :) She's looking great -- what a heck of a smile!

  2. Holy crap Dreyers! Both Camille's I presume?

  3. Kenzie Lou-Who! She really looks good. I am so happy you guys were able to have stanford work out. Love ya.

  4. Yay! Glad everything is progressing well. She looks so cute! Looking forward to seeing you guys again.