Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stanford or Bust

Well its been a bit since the last post. We are trapped in that eternal twilight. The days are blending together and picking up speed. Mac is doing well. We are heading to Stanford in the morning for a second and hopefully better opinion. I have no doubt the doctors at Children's Hospital are competent but just. Mac has to live with this repair for the rest of her life, which could be short if she doesn't quit crying so much, so it better be as good as we can provide. From what we hear Stanford has a dedicated clinic for cleft repair. I will post the results tomorrow. On an exciting note my sister, Amber, is here from the U.P. to visit. We have had a great time catching up. She has had fun visiting with Mac and getting a nice California sunburn. You know how those Michigan people are, pasty white and looking for the ocean and movie stars.



The Scott Wimin Folk. Hey get back in the kitchen!


  1. No joking about the sunburn.... ouch! ;) I hope that you get a great second opinion from Stanford. Brian and I are looking forward to meeting Mac and seeing you both on Sunday!